Next Challenge Starts January 7th

Drop Fat From Your Gut, Reveal Your Abs and Learn How To Pack On All The Muscle You Want With Our 56 Day Challenge..


8 week Challenge

In just 56 Days you will have the Body you have always wanted, the knowledge and the confidence to keep it

Who is This For;

  • This for Guys Who Are Committed to Getting Results
  • This is For Guys Who Are Willing To Give It Their All
  • This is For Guys Who Want to Learn What it Takes To Get The Body They Want… and Keep It
  • This for For Guys Who Want to Know What to Eat, When To Train, and How to Train 

Who This is NOT For;

  • Guys Who Want to Spend Hours doing 3 sets of 10 on the same exercise over an over 
  • Guys Who Don’t Want to Lift Weights
  • Those Guys Who Are Not Committed to Results
  • The Guy That Can’t Say No to a beer, The Ice Cream, The Pizza
  • The Guy Who Want A Magic Pill or Potion, The Quick Fix
  • The Guy Who Want Results Without The Effort

What You Receive;

  • Full Day Training and Nutrition Seminar to Get You Started, Week One, on the Right Track
  • 3 Weekly sessions with a Personal Trainer for 8 weeks
  • Individualised Nutrition Plan Designed to Suit Your Goals and Body Type
  • Online Accountability forum to ensure you stick to the plan and All Your Questions Answered
  • 3 Locations to Choose from  Canningvale or South Perth and Canning Vale Gym
  • 3 Fat Blasting fitness variations that guarentee results CrossFit ,Boxing , Bootcamp 
  • 1 Paleo Nutrition Workshop   


Only 10 Places Avaliable


Canning Vale Bootcamp -Wright Road , Piara Waters                                                                                                                  



South Perth-Mill Point Road    








Katie B ( Bilz ) 


Katie B (Bilz) is a qualified nutritionist (BHSc) devoted to educating a “no-gimmick” whole foods approach in an easy, friendly and non-intimidating way. She lives and breathes what she preaches and embodies a healthy lifestyle approach encompassing the 4 pillars of health – Stress management, Sleep quality, Exercise and yes, of course, Nutrition.


By building healthy relationships with wholesome, nutrient dense foods, Katie B believes there is no need to follow a restrictive “diet”. Her approach teaches you to commit to giving your body what it will thrive on, becoming more mindful of your body’s needs and fulfilling them through good food and lifestyle choices. Through these choices and changes, you can guarantee you will reap the rewards of (but not limited to); more energy, fat loss, better performance, improved sleep quality, hormonal balance and increased cognitive function.


Daniel Niciejewski 


Founder/Head Coach/ Leader

Daniel Niciejewski is a qualified personal trainer , business owner and father his qualifications include Cert 3 and 4 in fitness ,CrossFit level 1 ,Sports Power Coach Level 1,Crossfit Endurance ,CrossFit Football ,Senior First Aid ,Crossfit Strongman and trained under workshops conducted by World class Coaches  Rudy Nielson  (Outlaw Way ) , Tommy Hakenbruck (CF Games Athlete ) Bob Takano ( Takano Athletics)

 He was introduced to CrossFit in 2012, after running 3 Outdoor Bootcamps since 2010 he then decided to follow his passion and open up a CrossFit gym. Daniel is a strong believer of combining strength with conditioning though  through barbell exercises , bodyweight movements , lifting odd objects , kettlebells , monostructural exercises such as rowing , running and assault bikes . Their are many types of training stimulases that can be used with such a large amount of equipment and knowledge of exercises but fundamentals are drilled and emphisised throughout his program . He has a holistic approach to fitness their is no arm or chest day in a session in fact leg day is ' everyday ' . His programming is structured but is also constantly varied and the main focus is quality movement. In todays society we see a lot of poor movement patterns created through everyday life such as sitting in a chair for long periods of time . These things become apparent if the athlete cannot perform a exercise in the correct movement pattern . This is quickly identified by a coach and corrected to get maximum results .Community is a over used word in the fitness industry these days but as soon as you enter Daniel's gym their is that sense of family right from the get go. He is passionite about helping as many people as possible it shows in his coaching and he leads a team of coaches who share his same vision .