GYM Rules

Be on time 

Please turn up to the session on-time and complete the warmup that the group is doing (and the warm down at the end).  For Fitness is a holistic program and the CFF programming model relies on the group warmup time to teach skills and develop body awareness.  We also have a lot of coaching information to deliver quickly at the beginning of each session.  It is important that you hear the briefing and do the warmup.  We understand that sometimes due to traffic or unavoidable circimstances that sometimes there will be an "I made it, sorry I am late" moment. But to consistently turn up late or dodge the warmup , is just pure rudeness. 

 Parking between 8am- 5pm 

We like living next door to our neighbours, in fact they were a great help to us when we were moving in, so we really don’t want to do anything that’s going to upset them there is always parking available in Panama Street and Voston Road (beside the gym). As we get busier, we are going to be using the car bays more and more for warmup and skills work, and we want it kept clear so that it is usable. As we are a community Gym , particulary between the hours 8am -5pm we must respect surounding neighbours parking so try to park on the street its only 10 -15 metres away from our reception.

Let Coaches Coach

We love hearing everyone give support to each other during a Workout but please ensure you keep your comments to encouragement and not coaching cues or techniques.  If you see something that you think is dangerous or you don’t think is right then grab a coach.

Book your Session and Sign in when you arrive

If you arrive to a scheduled session without a prior booking it’s possible you could miss out on participation as numbers are limited. It is important for safety and integrity that you must sign in with Wodify, if you forget to sign in its 50 Burpees 


Leave Your Ego at the Door

Many people enter the gym with predisposed ideas of what weights they should be lifting or try to match somebody else. Our aim is to ensure you’re perfecting the movement first, and then increase the intensity. We ask all members to respect our judgment  we are not trying to hold you back, we just want you to progress in the most safe and efficient way.

Chalk and Packing away your Equipment

Chalk is useful, even necessary. It is also messy. Use as much as you need, but keep the excess inside the chalk bucket . Clean up and put away all equipment after each workout.