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Training This is our key product. Effective training done in an effective way. Why spend 2 hours a day on a treadmill when you can do what you need to plus more in at least 1 hour . Our focus with training is on the basis of strength training, ensuring that you don’t sacrifice form and function.

For Fitness  Training runs at Piara Waters / Harrisdale Rossiter Pavilion 

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Mark has lost 20 kg with a dodgy knee and got into the best shape of his life for his wedding day!!!

 ‘When I proposed to my future wife I really wanted to get into the best shape I possibly could for my wedding day , I went down to Bootcamp with a dodgy knee but determined to get results. At first I wasn’t able to keep up with the rest of the group due to being overweight and my knee stopping me from completing some of the running drills at Bootcamp. Daniel and his team of trainers pulled me aside and gave me alternate exercises to strengthen my knee. Before I knew it I was completing all running drills , I am know in the top 5 of runners in the group. My weight literally fell off I lost 17 kg in 4 months for my wedding day and continue to train weekly and see results

 Mark Pedereschi  ( Mark even After Below )



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Brittany’s lost 10kg and isn’t the unfit straggler at soccer anymore

 Thanks to Daniel and the awesome team at for fitness bootcamps with there profound knowledge on health and fitness I have dropped nearly 10kgs in 5 months and kept it off!!!! Last year I couldn’t even run 25 minutes of a 90 minute soccer game, now I can complete a full game and still want to keep going, I am not the unfit straggler at soccer training anymore but instead at the front of the pack with the 16yr olds! I didn’t think that I would see such great results in such a short time and maintain enjoying Bootcamp. I have discovered muscles I never new existed!!!

I feel so much more confident in myself now and its great to hear the comments from other people when they see your results!!! They all ask me "Britt, how did you do it??? you look amazing"', and I say its all thanks to my PT Daniel from For Fitness for helping me to make a lifestyle change for the better and enourage me to keep on going!!! Cheers Dan :)

 Brittany Matheson




Mother of two Raelene has lost 15kgs and now has a new appreciation for health and fitness

6 months ago when I signed up with For Fitness I had no idea how it would change my life.
I've got 2 kids, 5 year old and 7 Months and like everyone else- I lead a very demanding lifestyle.
Fitting in a quality workout for my own health was very tough to do until I got hooked on boot camp.
I have a new found understanding and appreciation of the benefits of exercise and a healthy diet.
I've now lost 15 kilos and I have 10 to legs and stomach are toning so much - it's amazing.
The workouts are fast-paced and intense, yet very practical for anyone who's serious about putting forth a little effort.
You'll be surprised at how much you can achieve in just one short hour!
I would encourage anyone who would like to be fitter, to join boot camp and get some results for themselves.
Thankyou Daniel and the team at For Fitness..

Raelene Knox


Kaitlin could barely run 400 meters before she started Bootcamp but now has muscle tone and changed her body shape

‘ I signed up at boot camp as I was looking for a way to tone up and build fitness in a relatively no fuss type of environment. Weight loss was not one of my major goals as long as I started to see results in my body shape I was happy. I have been over the moon with the muscle tone I have managed to gain in the 5 months since I have been training and have been even more impressed with the fitness I have built up. When starting boot camp I could barely jog 400 metres and now can jog for up to half an hour at a time. The speed in which I have seen improvement in my body whilst training at Boot Camp has far eclipsed any improvement I ever obtained from past training at indoor gym’s.

For Fitness Bootcamps is a highly energetic session which encourages a strong team environment to training, this helps keep us Boot camper’s motivated to succeed in our fitness goals. I highly recommend Boot Camp to all types of people of all types of fitness levels, do not be put off by the scary name!’

 Kaitlin Newton




Vanessa wanted to lose those extra kilos gained over the winter months - As seen in the West Australian Newspaper 





It's 7 on a weeknight and while most people are tucking into their dinner, I'm sweating it out in a dimly lit park with about 20 other breathless bodies.

We're only halfway through a circuit of nonstop heart-pumping moves and I'm already contemplating giving up.

"If you stop, it's a block run for the whole group," barks Daniel Niciejewski, the relentless trainer who heads up For Fitness Boot Camps.

Drenched in sweat, with limbs shaking uncontrollably from the dreaded lactic acid burn, I push through the pain and remind myself why I signed up for this arduous boot camp training three times a week.

Having gained 3kg over winter and with my wedding looming next month, I had some serious toning up to do.

Being a runner I was reasonably fit, but that didn't stop Mr Niciejewski from pushing me to go harder or pulling me up on poor form.

"Our focus is to give each of our clients results, so lazy techniques and incorrect form are quickly dealt with," he explained.

Along with the dreaded burpies, push-ups and squats, each hour-long session includes bursts of high-intensity cardio (think interval sprints) combined with a series of strength exercises that make use of 10, 15 and 20kg sandbags, plyometric boxes, kettle bells, 2kg hand weights and, for that extra challenge, a truck tyre and power rope.

At the end of the first week I was exhausted, sore and stiff, but as the weeks passed my strength and cardio fitness improved and I am now keeping up with fitter members of the group.

Before launching For Fitness Boot Camps last year, Mr Niciejewski, a qualified personal trainer and self-confessed health fanatic, researched what fat- burning moves would deliver optimum results.

"Over a two-month period I had put together some programs and tried different exercises," he said.

"I was getting the best workouts I've ever had, plus my body was changing shape and burning up to 1000 calories per session."

Mr Niciejewski and his four personal trainers lead 16 sessions a week in Canning Vale, South Perth, Mandurah, Baldivis and Rockingham, with plans in the near future to expand to the northern suburbs.

And if you think a little rain will put a stop to his hardcore training sessions, think again.

"We train rain, hail or shine, as your metabolism doesn't know it's raining," he said.

"And to date, we haven't missed a class."

After sticking it out for the past six weeks, the results speak for themselves. I've dropped that extra winter weight, lost centimetres from my waist, hips and thighs and am sporting a much more toned figure. And despite cutting back on my regular runs, training three times a week has helped maintain my fitness, if not improved it.

 Vanessa Williams