For Fitness Bootcamps are run outdoors and is a high intensity strength and conditioning workout that can be scaled to suit ALL individuals. At For Fitness you will receive personalised coaching in a group class format. Our classes involve a skill based warm up, skill or strength based training, the Workout and then stretching and mobility. The programing stays the same for all, however we scale workouts to work with an athlete's individual abilities and fitness levels to ensure the greatest physical adaption.

 We use a functional training system that burns 4 times more fat than a 1 hour spin class


Try not to think Group Fitness we have over 15 sets of kettlebells , sandbags, ropes , plyometric boxes tyres and much much more. We scale all sessions to suit any athlete by having more equipment than anyone else. The last thing we want to see is someone getting hurt lifting a 20 kilo kettlebell on there first session .That is why we provide the best and most amount of equipment in Perth Outdoor Training.




Your workout for the week starts off as CrossFit Bootcamp where there are 2-6 exercises done as a AMRAP or ,Chipper both have different variations in time and functional movements. Our Second Workout is a classic For Fitness Bootcamp Class where there are 8- 10 stations ( different exercises ) . At times you will need to compete as a team and beat the other team or be punished ( think Burpees ) . Different time domains and exerices pop up every week and your body in constantly guessing and getting results. Our last session for the week is Boxing Bootcamp . Boxing uses alot of bodyweight movements , dumbells , skipping ropes and of course Boxing . You will be partnered up with one person having gloves and the yourself pads ( no sparring here ) we supply enough gloves for everyone but we recommend you buy your own for hygene purposes. We start off with Strength and Conditioning followed by Boxing rounds for fitness. The classes are high in endurance and a great way to finish the week. 

We train you like athletes to get you fit, toned and strong in minimum time

Class sizes are strictly limited per Workout we have found this provides a great balance between coach/athlete interaction and a very healthy dose of competition!






We have bootcamps running in the following suburbs