For Fitness training methods are based on various applications of strength, metabolic conditioning, mobility and general movement and mechanics. Unlike conventional gymnasium you will not see 30 people per class with one Coach . Class sizes are kept to 16 and members will receive expert coaching from 2 coaches every session  (morning exempt ) to ensure proper technique is achieved in all of these areas. 

Main Site  For Fitness distinguishes itself from other  facilities through its specialisation in Olympic Lifting ( a key elementof CrossFit methodology ), Powerlifting , Metabolic Conditioning and good old fashioned motivation. You will never be bored at one of our classes our coaches are experts in variition in conditioning with that said our strength component is structured, periodized and personalisied so that each individual can work within our strength and conditioning program. It does not matter if you are new to fitness or think your to old for  at CrossFit for Fitness every class is scaled to your individual needs.

 For Fitness Bootcamp is the only Perth  gym that offers Outdoor Training as well as a Gym so if the Gym isnt for you our Outoor program that consists of Outdoor CrossFit , Bootcamp and  Boxing conditioning classes each week to provide versatility in fitness options and competence.

 For Fitness Comp Squad also offer Comp Squad classes . if you are looking for something extra and are looking to compete in the Sport of Fitness . There are several competions in Perth, Interstate Competions and World Wide Competitions. Our sole ojective in these classes are to compete as a Team or as an Individual in as many competitions all year round. Our Comp Squad classes place a much higher emphisis on Strength inculding Olympic Lifting , Powerlifting , Gymnastics and conditioning 


 For Fitness Olympic Lifting also offer Olympic Lifting classes the mere practice of the Olympic lifts teaches an athlete how to apply large amounts of force. Part of the extraordinary abilities of an Olympic lifter arises out of his having learned how to effectively activate more of his muscle fibers more rapidly than others who aren’t trained to do so. Our Olympic Lifting classes are also availble to Main Site clients who wish to develop more strength and to improve Olympic Lifting technique.


To ensure that all of our clients are provided with every opportunity to succeed from the get go, we require everyone to get started at For Fitness with  a FREE Consultation with one of our Coaches


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