Below are some common questions that we receive


 When are Boot Camp classes offered? What does each class consist of? 

For Fitness BOOTCAMPS offer a 1 hour high-intensity workouts for busy professionals and are run throughout the week We run them outside and you can start any time, not just at the start of the month.  

We offer 5 convenient training locations:


All campers are required to select one class time and location for Boot Camp. If you sign up for a evening Boot Camp and can’t make it one evening , we may be able to fit you in for another evening session depending on numbers. You will need to check with the instructor if there is room in the group.

Arrival Time: Each Boot Camp instructor will arrive on location 10 minutes before the official start of the workout. If it is your first workout you are expected to arrive 10 minutes early to fill in the pre-exercise questionnaire ( if you haven't already) and have a chat to the instructor about past training and injuries. This is also the time for any campers to discuss any questions, comments, or concerns with the on-site trainer before the start of the workout.
Please know that our main focus is keeping our campers safe and healthy. Thus, each class begins with a complete, state-of-the-art warm-up emphasizing mobility and activation to best prevent unwanted injury and to allow for a more effective workout. Late arrivals will be allowed to join the workout session provided they are no more than 10 minutes late as we don’t want injuries caused by missing a proper warm-up.

Departure Time: Each boot camp instructor will remain for 5 to 10 minutes past the end of each workout to address any remaining personal questions or concerns. You may have questions about nutrition, holidays, or how best prevent nagging aches and pains and reduce soreness between workouts.
However, this program caters to busy professionals, and we do understand if you need to leave immediately at the end of each workout. In this case, if you need to do any corrective stretching or foam rolling we expect you to perform this at home for best results.  

How fit do I have to be to join in? 

You can be completely unfit and you will rapidly improve. There are many of our members who have not done any exercise for 10- years and join us. It’s hard at first but you will increase your strength and fitness very rapidly. 
If you are already fit, you will be pushed harder with more advanced exercises and heavier weights alongside everyone else. We have had people 20 kilos overweight training alongside another Personal Trainer and both got a solid workout.
Our oldest client is 55 so you have no excuse!!!

What’s the difference between Boot Camp and another group fitness class or going to the gym? 

Every workout is different. We also use a wide variety of equipment and exercises that you may not usually do. Equipment includes your bodyweight, dumbbells, kettlebells, skipping ropes, truck tyres, medicine balls and anything else we can get our hands on our workouts consist of full body workouts as well as cardiovascular fitness ,core strength exercises and Bootcamp Boxing.  

There is NO waiting around for equipment, we have a strict numbers policy and cap our classes for maximum motivation and form so once the class is full its full. Unlike some Bootcamps who just use bodyweight exercises we offer a range of equipment at almost every station. For Fitness trainers are capable to train up 30 people and we will not train over 40 people at one time if this happens we will provide another trainer or add another class. 

Are there any breaks from Boot Camp, is there make up sessions and am I paying for them? 

There will be Boot Camp on public holidays. Your day may be shifted depending on what day the public holiday falls
We break for 2 weeks at Christmas 

Can I pause my membership if I’m going on holidays? 

Yes. Just let the trainer know, and we will add the week(s) to the end of your membership. However, due to administration difficulties, billing will remain the same during this time. If you are away for more than a month we may make exceptions at our discretion.

How much does the program cost?

For Fitness BOOTCAMPS run a weekly, fortnightly or monthly membership direct debit program to ensure we train with only the most committed people. Campers are required to commit to either a 3 or 6 -month billing agreement at a membership level that best caters to their schedule, goals and budget as outlined below. 



3 months  -   3 sessions p/w $14- $168 per month     2 sessions p/w $16 - $128 per month


6 months -  3 sessions p/w $12- $144 per month        2 sessions p/w  $14  -$112

All memberships options can either be paid upfront or through the convenience of Ezypay direct debit


Membership Options

At For Fitness Boot Camps we're committed to results. 
Thats why there's no casual passes to BOOTCAMP, only members who turn up ready to train. However if you are a member and are on a 2 day a week package you do have the option for a casual rate session for a 3rd session provided theres room in that class.

We also cater to FIFO workers on an individual basis to work out what works for both of us. We still want commitment to keep you on track so call 0417 570 620 or email to discuss.

What do I bring to class? 

Each camper is expected to bring the follow items to each workout:

- A water bottle

- A towel, preferably a full size one 


What do I wear to class?

You should wear comfortable, breathable clothing. Please make sure to wear clothing that is not too big- we need to see your body move at different joint positions during the workout so we can best assess your form and technique and make the necessary corrections.

In addition, please wear shoes that are designated for athletic purposes- often referred to as running, cross-training, basketball, or tennis shoes. Some common brands are Nike, Adidas, New Balance, Brooks, Asics, etc. Please feel free to ask your on-site trainer for his/her recommendations for proper footwear for boot camp workouts.

What happens if its raining do we train? 

YES!!! Are motto is rain hail or shine your metabolism doesn't know its raining Perth has some of the best weather in the world. Unlike some Bootcamps we won't cancel at the first sign of rain your safety is our primary concern so exercise selection can change before or even during the workout however if conditions are unsafe we will notify you and add another session to your membership


Hurry and secure a package today call Daniel on 0417 570 620