Daniel Niciejewski 

Founder/Head Coach/ Leader

Daniel Niciejewski is a father, husband, and Crossfitter. He was introduced to CrossFit in 2012, after running 3 Outdoor Bootcamps since 2010 he decided to follow his passion and open up a CrossFit gym. 

I Crossfit because

I want to be healthy for my family and fit for life. I enjoy the all round " Community " of CrossFit which brings me to meet NEW People and be involved with helping our current Athletes

I coach because

I love coaching, I am extremely passionate about helping other’s improve their fitness.   

My secret exercise is

Cleans / Rowing 

My secret sucky is

HandStand Walks

My favorite “cheat” meal is

Ben And Jerrys Cookies and Cream Ice Cream , Couch Potato, Mapple Tree Hugger ( I rotate )

Certifications / Seminars / Courses

Cert 3 and 4 in fitness

CrossFit level 1

Sports Power Coach Level 1

Crossfit Endurance 

CrossFit Football 

Senior First Aid

Rocktape Kinesioligy 

Crossfit Strongman

Trained Under Workshops conducted by World class Coaches  Rudy Nielson  (Outlaw Way ) ,  Tommy Hakenbruck (CF Games Athlete ) Bob Takano ( Takano Athletics)

Josh Eisentrager

Head Coach/ Bootcamp Instructor 


I first got involved with CrossFit with the opening of the box earlier this year (2013) in March/April.Previously I had been coaching the boot camp classes where we employ the CrossFit methods.


I Coach because ?

I enjoy being able to share with other people what CrossFit is all about. It is awesome seeing people pushing their bodies to the limit and being rewarded with results from the hard work they have put in each day.

My secret ninja exercise is?

Ring dips and handstand push ups! Also fancy anything with a barbell over head.

My secret sucky exercise is ?


My Fav “Cheat meal”?

Would have to be a BBQ meatlovers pizza.

Certifications / Seminars / Courses

Cert 3 and 4 in fitness

CrossFit level 1

CrossFit Strongman

CrossFit Weight lifting course

Senior First Aid 



Andrew Bailey

 Coach / Bootcamp Instructor

I first got into crossfit around October 2013 in my garage, then at CFF when i started the internship program in December 2013.

I Coach Because?

I coach because its a great way to be able to share and teach my passion for crossfit to other people and help them improve their lives. Also the feeling you get when you see someones improvement and progress from your coaching.

My Secret Exercise is?

hand stand push ups and running

My secret suck exercise?


My favourite cheat meal?

ice cream and chocolate

Certifications / Seminars / Courses

Cert 3 fitness

Cert 4 fitness

Cert 4 sport development

Cert 4 athlete services

CrossFit Level 1

Senior first aid and cpr

Studying Exercise Physiology at Murdoch Univeristy


Jack Headford  

Coach/ Bootcamp Instructor 

I Crossfit because

 Wasn't getting enough out of 'one goal training', bodybuilding, powerlifting etc I always focussed on one goal. Now I focus on every goal!

I Coach because 

There's no greater feeling than the look your client gives you once they've mastered an exercise you taught them and impressed them self with it

My secret exercise is

 Wall Balls , Bench , Squats 

My secret sucky is


My favorite “cheat” meal is

 The biggest burger I can find on the day

Certifications / Seminars / Courses 

Certs: III and IV in Fitness, Punchfit, Countless nutrition seminars/events


Daria Rudakova Coach 


I first got involved with Crossfit in 2013 when a friend suggested I try it out as I was finding I was getting bored and not seeing much results with my conventional gym routine.

Why I coach?
For me one of the best things about Crossfit is the opportunity to learn new skills and to do things you never thought your mind and body could do, so I enjoy helping others achieve the same.

My secret ninja exercise 
Double Unders and Handstand push-ups

My secret sucky exercise is no secret:
wall balls

My favorite cheat meal is 
big burrito followed by Ben and Jerry's Ice cream

Certs and Qualifications

Bachelor of Education I've attended various gymnastics workshops on Ring Muscle ups, Handstand Walking, Pull Ups and Butterfly pullsups with Jen Smith (Olympic gymnast and Crossfit Games athlete)


Fred Huxley Coach / Bootcamp Instructor

I Crossfit because

I like exploring what's beyond the limits.

 I coach because

I enjoy sharing my passion in fitness

My secret exercise is


My secret sucky is

Overhead Squats 

My favorite “cheat” meal is


Certifications / Seminars / Courses

Cert 3&4 In fitness, Kettlebell LvL1 ,Mechanics of Lifting


Clement Foot Personal Trainer 

Cert 3&4 in Fitness at AIF, then worked as a Personal Trainer since 2014  doing 1:1 training, functional group training and Metafit (bodyweight HIIT) group classes.

Certified MetaFit coach and Master Functional Trainer under Australian Institute of Kettlebells (AIK Certs: Kettlebells 1&2, powerbags, battle ropes, crankit suspension training, functional mobility)

Clem's own Personal Training Experience: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, distance running (10k, half marathons, marathon), obstacle courses, garage gym strength & conditioning and yoga.

Love combat sports, especially MMA. Other than that I'm all about learning as much as I can, enjoying good food and having interesting conversations.