CFF Member of the month: 

 We would like to acknowledge Graham McKinley as the CFF member of the month!

 Graham joined us at the end of 2015, he came down for a trial session with Stevo (His mate and current member) to see what all the fuss was about. At the time Graham seemed to be new to the intensity of CrossFit but embraced it by going flat tack and red lining within the first few minutes of each workout. We would then have to hear from Graham how crazy and stupid the workout was but after a few weeks we knew he was a sucker for punishment and would be back for more!

 Graham got stuck into his first few months of training, rarely missing a session. The results clearly started to come through Grahams weight loss and also big improvements in his strength, his squat numbers are a testament to his hard work. He took the next step into his fitness journey by making simple nutrition changes such as giving up those few extra beers and focusing on eating whole foods. This improved Grahams weight loss numbers as he is now down around 20kg since starting with CFF.

We should also note that normally male CrossFitters sport a beard after a few months into the system but Graham has taken it to the next level and sports a mullet plus a beard ;) . We now know were all that strength comes from man 

 Now Graham is one of our staple members floating around in our afternoon classes. He continues to put in the hard work week in and week out with his classes. Keep up the great work Graham!

     112 kilos                                                                               87.5 kilos

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