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In September 2016 twenty three people joined a program called the Diet 2 Lifestyle Challenge . It was set over 8 weeks the challenger's had

-Weekly nutrition plans
-Trained for 1 hour 3-4 times a week
-Set weekly health markers to help create health and fitness habits that would continue on past the 8 weeks .
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Congratulations to everybody on the challenge. Its been a long 8 weeks and a big thank you to all the staff & crew for all your support.

6 kilos down & the pictures speak for themselves. Noticeable different on the front shot of the guts. I am pleased to say i am very happy with the results to date, i dropped the guard in the last 2 weeks due to injury and a lot of events happening simultaneously.

Katie i have to say i was a bit skeptical at first with the recipes but they are great.

Keep up the great work guys.

Anthony Marciano 

I have reached my goals, lost 8kg in 8 weeks, PB'd on my snatch and a few other lifts that I find difficult. I have stuck to the nutrition plan all the way through. however I have not made it to the box as much as I would have liked but when I have I have made it count. I can now string 3/4 toes to bar in a row, I can actually jump up and reach the bar without a step or plates to stand on. Been working on my kipping which is improving all the time. I practice lifts every time I get to the box which has helped so much. Well done to everyone who has done this challenge I am so proud of all of us :) I have to make a special mention to Alex Salter you have been an amazing partner throughout this 8 weeks and you have inspired me so much, you juggle work, being a mum and train you are awesome xxxx

Sharon Arkwright 



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