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This months member of the month is one of our long term South Perth bootcampers who has recently started tackling new goals in the gym. Karla Cloke has recently started coming down to the gym as well to give our new olympic lifting class a crack to see what all the fuss was about. 

Karla found out quickly that her mobility was a big issue and was proving a big barrier in progressing her lifts especially the snatch. To her credit Karla has been fantastic taking on advice from the coaches and being patient in regards to improving her mobility and getting her movements patterns correct before progressing weights to where she wanted to be. The coaches have given her a few stretches and exercises to assist with her mobility especially in regards to her overhead positioning, Karla has been great with making sure she is doing all these exercises not just when she gets to class but also at home each day.


The hardwork and commitment to improving mobility has paid off big time over the last month with her overhead positioning improving leaps and bounds from where it was when she began. Karla has made improvements not only in her mobility but also in her technique which has come along way with her clean and jerk allowing her to increase weights beyond original expectations.


Great work Karla, keep up the hard work and hopefully those mornings at South Perth start to warm up a bit.

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