Why Should I Exercise


Why should I exercise? Understanding this is one of the most important factors for continued adherence to an exercise program. Research has shown that 80% of the Australian population understand and acknowledge the importance of exercise for health and well-being, yet only 55% of the Australian population meet minimum government standards of physical activity. Why is this the case? Are people to time poor? Do they lack motivation? or do they just not find enjoyment in exercising and would rather be doing something else.


There are very few people who find enjoyment and have the motivation to go out on their own and exercise on a daily basis whether that is running, walking, swimming, weight training or any other activity like that. This leads many people to sign up to gyms because that will "give them the motivation" that they need to get in there every day and get their training session done. This is often very short lived as when you break it down quite often you are still just going to the gym jumping on a treadmill and running on your own. The same lack of motivation and enjoyment comes in that was experienced when you were taking yourself out for your daily run.


Group training is a great way to build motivation through an increased feeling of relatedness, being a part of a group of like-minded individuals all aiming to achieve a similar goal. At first stepping into the group setting may be an intimidating experience as you feel like an "outsider" but it will only take a couple of sessions if not only one for you to feel part the group and feel right at home.



Looking back to the question asked at the start "why should I exercise?" The answer to this can be extremely broad, from simply improving quality of life, to catching up with friends and right the way through to enhancing sporting performance. But when you look at all these responses they all have one common denominator, and that is improving some aspect of yourself or your life to gain more enjoyment whilst exercising and throughout everyday life. So why not make exercise more enjoyable by doing it with friends, you wouldn’t go to the pub by yourself so why go to the gym alone.


At Crossfit for Fitness our focus is building a community and fostering strong relationships along with improving health and well-being through exercise at the same time. Stripping back the traditional gym setting to an open plan, welcoming atmosphere with a focus on functional movement to not only get the most bang for your buck in regards to the amount of calories burnt in a session but to also set you up for life to be able to participate in as many physical activities and activities of daily living as you possibly can. Life is there to be lived, there are too many amazing things to see and do in this world. So don’t waste another day sitting on the couch, get outside and live life to the fullest in a healthy body with great friends.

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