20 Tips on How To Burn More Fat


1.SPRINT - This is the staple of any great fat loss program - for example , look at an Olympic Sprinter THEYRE RIPPED ! Sprinting causes huge energy expenditture ( AKA Burning Calories) builds lots of lean muscle tissue in the legs and the glutes and creates huge EPOC effect ( Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption ) leaving you burning calories for hours 

2.STRENGTH TRAIN EVERY WEEK - This one has a similar description and benefit as the above but plain and simple building muscle leads to less fat and more calories on a daily basis .

3.EAT YOUR PROTEIN - Make sure you have protein in every single meal will help increase the Thermic Effect of food in each meal , meaning that you will burn more calories at every meal you are eating that has protein in it. It will also help with recovery  and allow your body to build more muscle tissue .

4.DRINK MORE WATER-  This one is a given , but most people forget or overlook its importance. It has many benefits from internal health , joint lubrication, muscle hydation and much much more 

5. CUT OUT SUGARS: Sugars have a negative impact on your body in many ways but for a very obvious reason its on here........It very easily stores body fat so cutting sugars out will help 

6. SLEEP: Sleep gives us the ability to recoup and recover which also gives the chance to get results we worked for during the waking hours 

7. ACTIVE RECOVERY: Continual movement is crucial for you getting results so even on your rest days you should go out and go for a walk , do yoga , stretch or take a hike . Do something to keep blood flow in your muscle and keep moving , but make sure you don't over do it .

8. GET FISHY: Thats sounds weird but Im completley serious . Taking fish oil or eating fatty fish ( such as salmon ) on a daily and weekly basis is a huge opportunity to boost fat loss. It has many benefits such as insulin sensitivity , boosting your metabolism , lubricating your joints for good performance . SO get Fishy with your diet ASAP 

9. USE COCONUT OIL: Coconut Oil is a great cooking oil and addition to anyones diet as it has so many benefits from optimizing hormonal to supplying the body with low carb fuel for great lasting performance.
I dont go a day without this nutrient.

10. EAT YOUR GREENS: This ONE is a huge one for me . We need the fiber and nutrients in vegies to be able to perform well and provide our body with micronutrients it needs to get lean period.This also makes you feel full and satisfied for the day, without the extra calories.

11. TRAIN HARDER: Too many people are not gassed enough after a workout and they are just going through the motions . Training should be extemely challenging for you if its not you are not creating enough disturbance is your metabolic system and you're probelry not breaking down enough muscle tissue . A personal trainer or training in a group setting can motivate you to push harder .

12. DITCH THE SUPP STACK : Don't rely on supplements for results ; focus on consistancy of eating real food and training hard.

13. WARM UP DAILY: Don't skip your mobility , stretching and tissue work . if you are injured and aching all the time you just can't train hard enough to get the results you want.

14. BUILD HABITS SLOWLY: Don't go gung-ho with your diet and training right of the bat it won't be sustainable and most likely will be stressful and overwheming . Start small and build up proggessively over the long haul .

15. CUT OUT ALCOHOL- Alcohol can impair hormones and it is a poison to our liver , when it is in our system our liver cannot oxidise fat which doesnt allow us to burn calories until the alcohol is out of our system . So cutting down is a huge help 

16. SET GOALS WITH DATES: Setting Goals is the only way to get somewhere then right way . If you don't have a goal you dont know where to go . Its like using a map but not having a destination .

17. CLEAN UP THE KITCHEN: Get rid of all the junk in your kitchen , if you are going to commit to fat loss then you don't need them anyway and too many times you will open the cupboard to deal with that temptation - the best way to deal with that temptation is to eliminate it.

18. DAILY REFLECTIONS: When we are searching for weight loss , their are going to be road bumps and ties we get down on ourselves . So writing your daily reflections about yourself and your life can a very helpful way to stay positive and motivated to work .

19. TAKE A BEFORE PIC :Looking back on where you have come from helps alot with furthering your journey and first time you take this pic it will motivate you to train.

20. BE CONSISTANT - This is last but the most important tip. If you cannot be consistant with your diet and training you cannot expect results . Greatness doesnt come over night . So eat right train hard and wait it out and trust the process . The body will adjust , make progress and show results in time but you need to be consistent on a daily basis for this to happen.

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