5 things to do when your training hits a hurdle

Getting sore muscles after a tough workout is not an uncommon experience.Working out can create tiny tears in your muscle fibers, creating microtrauma. Acute muscle soreness takes place during or directly after a workout, while delayed onset muscle soreness can develop 24 to 72 hours after your workout.

So when is a good time to have a break from training or back off. Recently my training has been good I've hitting PRs but I'm just battling to get through sessions . Im not a big fan of scientific research so I try to guinia pig myself to as much things possible health and fitness wise.

A few things have happened to me as of late my parents , clients and friends have told me I look tired or I look like I need a holiday . So some alarm bells went off in my head

Today I had swimming booked in for my training . I love a good swim to freshen up and also to help with my endurance .Mentally I didnt want to train today and physically either I think their is a fine line mentally as sometimes people dont want to train for the wrong reasons but this time I didnt play tricks with my mind and took the day off training .

I'm one of those people who beat themseves up if I dont train so I needed to do something

So I started to reflect on what was going on and heres what i came up with:

  • Firstly the strength cycle I was following was brutal I respected it and took days off and dropped weight percentages when needed but it was still a hard cycle
  • Work due some changes i the past week I worked out I was doing an extra


Sauna/ Massage:


Time Your Workouts: If you train alone throw on the clock for say 35-45 min and get work done as soon as that clock stops you are done . Make sure you have a plan before hand so you are not spending time during that 35-45min working out what you want to do . Your goal / session should be clear hours in advance so write it down on a piece of papr or whiteboard.

60 min run / row / walk:

Conclusion: By doing something you will feel accomplished and not have those dirty guilts of not training . You will come back stronger

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