We would like to acknowledge Jo Marsh, one of the 5:30am mainstays as this month's member of the month!


Jo has been training with us for a year and a half now and has been making consistent progress all the way through. Jo has shown great commitment to her regular 5:30am session showing up 4 times a week almost without fail, which is a pretty big effort as anyone who has done the early morning classes would know, especially as the mercury has plummeted through these winter months and cancellations have risen it is very rare to see her name on that list.


The biggest step up Jo has made recently is the discipline to go the extra yard after class to maximise what she can get out of her training. The coaches identified some mobility issues with Jo which were holding her back from her full potential, Romwod was recommended to Jo and ever since then rarely a day will go passed that Jo isn't asking for Romwod to be put on after class has finished. This extra commitment has led to steady progress with her mobility and has her on the right path to achieving her full potential. As coaches there isn't much better than seeing a member take the responsibility of going the extra mile to achieve their goals without having to be constantly on their back.


Most of all Jo brings her lovely, joyful personality and kind spirit (sometimes even some delicious homemade goodies) to class each and every morning which to her may not seem like much but it certainly helps lift the spirit of a group of tired, freezing cold people trying to get ready to push their limits before most are even out of bed yet. She then always makes the effort to find the coach and any others left (if any after she finishes her extra work) to say goodbye and wish them a good day or good luck with any upcoming events, which again may not seem like much to her but is definitely noticed and appreciated by all.


We would like to thank Jo for being such an outstanding part of our community and always putting a smile on everyone's face. We hope you having a great time living it up in Brisvegas and we will have your very own yoga mat waiting here for you on your return.

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