Home Gym's, are they a good idea?


Investing in a home gym or any exercise equipment is something that many people do and many more consider doing, but is it worth it?

There are great benefits to investing in a home gym setup, you can train anytime you like, you have the  freedom to do whatever you choose, it is in the privacy of your own home, it is generally off the back of new goals to improve health and although it make be a larger outlay of money initially there aren't on going membership fees like there is with and gym, so in the long run it should work out cheaper. Looking at all of these positives it seems like an obvious answer, set yourself up at home and off you go. But just like every idea we must draw up a cons list to weigh up with the positives.


The biggest problem with training yourself at home is that you won't have access to the coaching that you receive inside a gym. This issue is twofold, firstly the coaching of movements, ensuring that your technique is correct and safe. The second part to this issue is the programming that you will miss out on training yourself at home. Having a good coach at a gym will mean you won't need to worry about trying to make up your own program, it will be all there for you in a structured and balanced manor. A common issue with programming for yourself is that often weaknesses are missed, weaknesses are weaknesses for a reason. Generally that are something that initially we are not good at so they are pushed to the way side when we choose what we are going to do in the gym. For example running is one of the most neglected disciplines largely due to the lack of enjoyment many people get from running so it becomes neglected which causes it to become a major weakness which in turn leads to even less motivation to run as it is now so difficult. If you are training at a gym with a coach programming workouts for you the chance of certain movements becoming neglected becomes much lower as preferential and subconscious bias shouldn't come in to play.


Another major reason to not invest in a home gym is although all intentions are good when the equipment is initially purchased motivation to train can rapidly drop off. Evidence of this can be seen at every white goods pick up, almost every house or second house we have some kind of rusted, broken down piece of exercise equipment out the front ready to be taken away.


So before going out to purchase yourself a brand new home set up make sure you take all these factors into account, if you after considering all of this and you decide getting a home gym is still a good option for yourself then it can definitely be a great investment.

In the end, whichever option you choose be it training at home, down the park or signing up to a gym all are going to have a positive effect on your health and wellbeing.

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