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At its core Crossfit is being prepared as possible for everyday life and being "good" at a range of exercises and activities . Recently I asked a number of our athletes if they look at the WOD the day before as we release the workout 24 hours in advance in our Gym program and interesting enough some people didn't but 80% of did .

I then asked those who didnt why they did not look at the Workout and the answers where mixed . One athlete said they liked turning up and getting a suprise whilst another said if they looked at it they might cancel their session so it was better to just turn up and suckit up .

Others said they needed to look to be able to prepare their minds and interesting enough we havent published WODs at times and many people freak out .

So what happens to the mind when routine is out of whack . Basically when we work out and don't know whats coming next , the breain reacts, it reacts unpleasantly saying " I don't have control , danger !" But its how we manage these thoughts that is most important , we have to learn to embrace reality and find flexability . Is it anger , self doubt or anxiety ? When you feel uncomfortable , ask yourself ' whats is it Im feeling ? ' The absolute worst thing you can do is ignore it , its ok to feel it , just dont focus on it . Embrace accept and be willing to have these emotions

This speaks for your training .Lets look at lifting . The percentages you do "Are you hitting them with all out effort ?" If one week you are doing walking lunges 24 reps at 3 sets and you are using a 16kg Kettlebell and you complete all reps technique wise safely and correctly the next week we are doing 16 reps for sets the same exercise are you going to be using the same 16 kilo Kettlebell ....of course not you need to mentally and physically push yourself to achieve the correct stimulas of progressive overload which in this case increase resistance through weight . Strength / Assistant exercise sessions can be sweaty and you can be out of breath just as much as doing a conditioning piece . Remember to focus on the workout , focus on what you can do make yourself better and aim to improve with each session.

Another example of this was our Oly Squad had 5x5 Back Squat as heavy as form would allow . For myself their was no other option to search my 5x5 history and once i found my previous PB on Wodify I was determined to beat it I added a whole 1.25kgs to each side of the barbell . This doesnt sound like much but 3 things happened 


  • I gave my body a stimulis it never had before therefore im getting stronger 
  • I had a goal the sense of achievement on that last rep
  • Regardless of what happens the rest of the day or whatever I did for the rest of the session I achieved something positive for that day , I can tick that box on being completed 

This approach helps you to set a goal , break the workout down and get it done quickly as possible.So set a goal at every session whether that be weight based , time based or soley based on technique but after each workout rate yourself based off effort not results and know after each session your walking away with some sort of PB.

We can do this with the power within our group ,our group mentality breeds success . We all have the ability to inspire others and their success inspires you . It makes it easier to remain positive.

So in closing the best way to to approach exercise is to attach meaning and purpose to your training, record your workouts , journal your thoughts , moniter your training and recovery  and acknowledge your strength and weaknesess.


Coach Daniel

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