When it comes to making real, life-altering changes in your habits, the importance of being an active part of a community can’t be exaggerated. Community will, without a doubt, contribute to your success, and the success of those around you.

There is great power in a group dedicated to similar purpose. Without a doubt, an individual with enough dedication, commitment, and vision can accomplish anything. But having a community around you to encourage you, empathize with you, support you, share ideas, and push you to action when you forget to take it or don’t feel like taking it, will not only make the experience better, but it can cause greater things than you imagined would happen to happen. The power of the community comes not only in having you make the changes you wanted, but in having you make greater changes than you even planned.

Use your friends and family to help you through the challenge. Lean on your teammates and others in your gym who are playing the game. Use your gyms community forums never underestimate the contribution of strangers. Sharing compliant recipes, restaurants and products. It’s not as fun alone! It just becomes daunting and more difficult than it has to be. Being with people will always help you see the humor and humanity in your struggles.

Don’t forget as much as you will need to lean on your friends, they will need you, too. Community is reciprocal and it’s members are woven together. Often when letting someone lean on us, we are inspired to do better. Giving back to the community benefits the giver as much as the receiver. And when the challenge is over, what you’ll have, maybe more than your health, is each other.

Here at CrossFit For Fitness we run 8 week and 4 week challenges its a great way to kickstart your fitness and get involved with a community 

The scheduled dates for 2016 are 

4 week Challenge June 11th 
8 week Chjallenge September 3rd
4 week challenge 24 th September
4 week Challenge November 5th 

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