The Importance of a Skill Day in your Fitness Program

Got talking to one of my clients the other day and they had been training with myself for 6 months . In that time we saw results in cardiovascular fitness , stength , power endurance and fat loss. When clients first start with us in most cases they have come from a "GLOBO GYM" and we always ask what exercises ' they do ' and what exercises 'they dont do ' . Our response once seeing 'they dont do' list is your fitness is only as good as what your limiting factor ( exercise is ) and that is the beauty about Crossfit For Fitness is when you come in here you are going to be really good at some things and really suck at other things . 

Since our client started as mentioned they had improved dramtically in a number of areas but everyone gets to that stage were they see a huge a road block with certain exercises in most cases its bodyweight movements.

When working out at high intensity poor movement patterns due to fatigue can kick in and suddenly your form becomes poor and inefficent. So why does this happen ???


In most cases if people dont feel all huffed and puffed out after every session they feel they havent got their moneys worth and that is fine but with that certain exercises will take a long time to master . Without spending time outside the huff and puff sessions working on their skills you could be spending the next 6 months in frustration with your progression of fitness when these exercises come up . To get the most out of a program it requires you to train all different energy sytems , gymnastics , barbell movements etc . One must be efficent within these movements and the only way to get that is to be constantly practising under a coach.

 In performing these movements consistency and correctly two to three days a week will help you achieve these results due to being in a more relaxed environment you will see plateus being broken and your fitness improve due to eliminating your limiting factor 



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