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So you have tried a few comps and your sorta stuck in between beginners and intermediates . You have enough strength but the scaling options in Intermediate are too high for you . You enter a beginner comp but your up against 18-24 year olds who are falling over between shuttle runs getting up and somehow staying ahead of you .

Or you have done a few comps and by the final Wod your feeling a bit a beat up but not beaten other athletes are doing amazing things but your 80% lifts feel like your PR ........Owe to be young again ...ENTER THE MASTERS LEAGUE

The Masters League is gaining huge momentum and if you didn't know WA just took out all 3 divisions in the Masters League State Of Origin!

The 4 divisions are 35- 39 year olds , Hero , Warrior and Solider . I do believe if you are 40 or over 40 you need to choose your catergory based on what you can do . Here was this years standards ( 35-39 year olds expect to do all the movements  at HERO standards


During April each year, 4 open workouts will be released, you will be given 1 weeks ( it was 2 weeks this year  ) to complete each of these workouts here at CFF or at another Affiliate . This year a few affiliates ended up holding it at their facility and if we start to get a following I'll hold one here for sure . As usual movement standards will be provided and you will need your workout judged

You can perform each workout as many times as you like during the allocated 1 week and when you submit your verified scored you will be able to track yourself on the leader board alongside all of the other athletes in your division and across the country. So just like the Crossfit Open

Towards the end of the year the top male and female athletes in each division will be invited to attend their State final, Masters League State Of Origin! I believe the top 10 get invited

From their the TOP 3 from each division make the WA squad and compete at STATE OF ORIGIN , It is being held here this year at Raw Edge Fitness Malaga as WA won the title .

The format on the day is 2 Individual WODs 1 FFF ( female , female female ) 1 MMM Wod and a Team Wod .


W.A has multiable competions including Masters running throughout the year it is important that you know this if you do wish to compete next year . You need to choose carefully and have a clear goal in mind for 2016 .

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