The Synergy of the 7 Habits

The 7 Habits represent a special kind of synergy. When you take them on together as a daily practice they yield the kind of results you can’t predict — things that may have previously seemed impossible.

It’s not just that each habit is beneficial in and of itself. It’s that each habit builds on the next and creates something additional, something unattainable unless you explore all the habits. Watch this short video for an explanation of the benefits of each habit, followed by an explanation of the bigger possibilities you create by following all the habits.

You can leave out some of the habits, but removing one will have an effect on all of the others. Bringing them together into a holistic routine shows you how health and well being don’t just live on your plate and in the gym.Health and well being are the actions you take all day, every day — which means you have endless opportunities to make positive choices.

There is a synergy that happens when you commit to your whole life being the practice of health and well being.

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