How is That New Years Resolution Going for 2015

So losing fat, dropping kilos and getting in shape is your resolution for 2015 then?

Thought so, and I don’t blame you.

Who wouldn’t want to kick-start the new year shedding body fat, banishing those muffin tops and love handles, and getting well on the way to a slim, lean, sexy physique?

But here’s the deal …..

There are several key things you NEED to know to get where you want to be.

In actual fact, there are 7 things you need to know.

Most people start 2015 wanting to lose weight, but they don’t really think about what’s involved. And they certainly don’t consider these 5 key tips, tricks and hacks.

So to find out what they are, reveal the secrets to super fat loss this year, and get your best body yet, just read one…..

1. Protein is Awesome

After calories, protein is probably the next thing you should look at.

You’re probably not eating enough at the moment.

For optimal fat loss, you could do with around 2 gram per kilo of bodyweight. (Though slightly over or under will suffice.)

That means if you weigh 60 kilos, then around 120 grams per day is right. You’d do fine with 110 grams, and 150 grams would be just dandy too, but much either side of this, and you’re on the wrong track.

2.  You Don’t Need to Be Perfect 

While you do need to be consistent, you don’t have to be 100% perfect every single day.

Aim for 80% compliance all the time, not 100% half the time, and falling completely off the wagon the other half.

That means for instance, that if you worked out that you need 1,560 calories per day, you’d look to hit anywhere between 1,400 and 1,700 consistently. Same with protein – a little under isn’t a huge deal, nor is a little over.

Think big picture, and don’t fret if you’re a little out on something.

3.  Food “Quality” Does Matter

By focusing on calories and macronutrients (protein, carbs and fat) you’d be forgiven for thinking we’re saying that the types of food you eat don’t matter.

That’s not the case though.

Calories and macros are your groundwork, and need to be addressed first, but your diet also needs to be healthy.

That doesn’t mean only eating organic, or spending a fortune on your groceries, and avoiding anything processed, but it does mean placing a focus on –

  • lean meats
  • healthy fats (like nuts, olive oil, and oily fish)
  • vegetables (green, brightly coloured and root varieties)
  • fruits
  • low-sugar, low-fat dairy products

Make these foods 80% of your diet, and have some “fun” with the rest, by eating not-so-healthy foods you enjoy, provided you still hit your calorie and protein goals.


4.  Training is Just As Important as Diet

The phrase “you can’t out-train a bad diet” is true.

But that definitely doesn’t mean you don’t need to focus on training either. You can lose weight through diet alone, but you’ll also lose muscle mass.

Training will speed up fat loss, allow you to eat more while losing weight, and actually preserves muscle – giving you a toned physique you can be proud of.

If you don’t weight train already …… start!


5.  Support is Your Most Valuable Fat Loss Tool

To guarantee success, you need a support network.

That could be a group you set up with friends, perhaps an Internet community where you log your training on a forum, or even the support of an online coach, who takes charge of your training and nutrition.

I predict that 2015 is going to be a BIG year for this, as more and more people see the benefit in getting that accountability that such a network can provide.

You get to share your struggles, swap ideas, take the decision making out of your own hands, and have others in your corner, all cheering for your success.

Now, go forth and make 2015 the most fat-burning, muscle-toning, results-grabbing year you’ve ever had.

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